A g8 template for developing Scala games using libgdx.
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libgdx sbt project

Configure and generate a Scala project for libgdx using g8 and sbt 0.13.5+.

Setting up a new project

To use this template, you will need to install g8 first. Consult g8's readme for more information.

Then, in your favorite shell, type the command:

$ g8 ajhager/libgdx-sbt-project

After filling in some information about your project, you can start placing your game's source files and assets in core/src/main/scala and android/assets respectively.

Managing your project

Start sbt in project root:

$ sbt

Run the desktop project:

> desktop/run

Package the desktop project into single jar:

> assembly

Create Android package in debug mode:

> android:package-debug

Visit android-sdk-plugin for a more in-depth guide to android configuration and usage.

Using with popular IDEs

In most cases you will be able to open and edit each sub-project (like common, android or desktop), but you still need to use SBT to build the project.

See here for details about sbt plugins for each editor.