Xenotix Python Keylogger for Windows.
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Xenotix Python Keylogger for Windows

  • usage:
    • xenotix_python_logger.py mode [optional]
  • mode:
    • local: store the logs in a file [keylogs.txt]
    • remote: send the logs to a Google Form. You must specify the Form URL and Field Name in the script.
    • email: send the logs to an email. You must specify (SERVER,PORT,USERNAME,PASSWORD,TO)
    • ftp: upload logs file to an FTP account. You must specify (SERVER,USERNAME,PASSWORD,SSL OPTION,OUTPUT DIRECTORY)
  • optional
    • startup: This will add the keylogger to windows startup.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uODkiVbuR-g

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