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Syntax Highlighter, written in C#

Work in Progress


In your project, reference the Acquarella.dll or Acquarella project. Then, you can transform a text using:

using Acquarella;

// ...

var result = TextRenderer(text, language, style);

Actually, language can be one of these options (string value):

  • CSharp
  • VbNet
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Javascript

style parameter values (string value):

  • HtmlDark
  • HtmlLight

You can configure other languages. See Acquarella\Configuration folder.


var result = TextRenderer(text, "CSharp", "HtmlDark");

You can use the configuration filenames instead of the simple names:

var result = TextRenderer(text, "Configuration\\CSharp.txt", "Configuration\\TextHtmlDark.txt");

You can write your own configuration files for languages and styles.

Configuration Files


Extending Lexer


Command Line Tool

You can execute the executable from Acquarella.Console project:

acquarellac <files>...

The file contents are rendered with fixed colors in console. I plan to add HTML output.

You can use

acquarellac -l <language> -s <style> <files>...

In this case, a text without colors is emmitted.

To Do

  • Comment detection
  • Case unsensitive option (for Visual Basic alike languages)
  • Escape characters in strings
  • Doc strings
  • Configurable Console Color Palette