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IABVerifier - Node.js verification library for Google Play products


Grab from npm npm install iab_verifier

iab_verifier requires the 'crypto' module. The system should automatically grab this dependency for you.


iab_verifier takes 2 pieces of information from your Google IAB purchase flow and allows you to verify their authenticity on a remote server. These 2 pieces of info are the signed data blob and the signature both provided in a callback from the IABHelper service( usually in PurchaseCompleteAwaitingVerification).


When instantiating the verifier you need to provide the Google Play public key give to you through the developer portal under (App name) -> Services & APISs -> LICENSING & IN-APP BILLING

To verify a receipt:


var IABVerifier = require('iab_verifier'),

var googleplay_public_key = "-- YOUR PUBLIC KEY --";
var googleplayVerifier = new IABVerifier(googleplay_public_key);

var receiptData = receiptDataFromClient;
var receiptSignature = signatureDataFromClient;

var isValid = googleplayVerifier.verifyReceipt(receiptData,receiptSignature);

if (isValid) {
    // Receipt is valid. Grab a beer celebrate!
} else {
    // Receipt is NOT valid... 


See LICENSE file.