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An angular navigation service for mobile applications
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Demo (Only will work in webkit browsers)

Download (.zip)

A simple navigation service and directive which will transition between partials. Intended for mobile applications on Android/iOS.

Licensed with MIT License.

State of this Project (as of July 2013)

  • I will add no new features to this - only continue to maintain it.
  • I recommend a solution like Ionic Framework for a full-scale mobile application solution.
  • angular-mobile-nav is a good solution for a minimal mobile angularjs navigation library, with no frills or addons.
  • However, it could be done much simpler post angular-1.2.x, using ng-view, ng-animate, and some locationChangeSuccess listening to detect back.
  • If you want to fix bugs with this, please email me and ask and I may make you a collaborator.


  • Requires AngularJS 1.1.4+

  • Include mobile-nav.js and mobile-nav.css into your page

  • Declare 'mobile-navigate' as a dependency for your angular app: angular.module('myApp', ['']);

  • Setup your routes as normal with $routeProvider.

  • Use the $navigate service to do your transitions, instead of <a> links. Use $navigate.go('/path'), and $navigate.back().

  • You can erase history (eg when switching tabs) with $navigate.eraseHistory()

  • You can add transition classes of your own (check out the css file for how the current ones are done). There are three presets available: slide, modal, and none. Use them in the go function, eg $navigate.go('/path', 'modal').

  • Use the <mobile-view> element instead of the normal <ng-view>.


  • To use the Makefile, install jshint and uglifyjs with npm install -g jshint uglify-js.
  • If you are on windows and can't use a Makefile, there's nothing else at the moment.
  • To get the demo to work, you first have to run make, then open the demo at dist/index.html.
  • When pushing a new build, go to the gh-pages branch and move the contents dist folder up one level (mv dist/* .)

Improving Phonegap Performance on Android

See this wiki article by @ArtworkAD.

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