Solution to test how distributed transactions behave in WCF with async await keywords
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Distributed transactions in WCF

Reproduces problem with timed out SQL connections when using DTC. Examples with both EntityFramework and NHibernate.


  • Open solution as administrator with elevated permissions, required since we're hosting the WCF services in IIS.
  • Run "Update-Database" from the Package Manager Console, Target the Common project because it contains the migration schema.
  • Set ClientProgram as Startup and Press F5 to run.

Reproduce with NHibernate

  1. Press numpad 1 (causes timeout)
  2. Press numpad 1 again (causes a second timeout)
  3. Press numpad 1 again (now we get an exception at session.BeginTransaction())

From this point on all clients that call session.BeginTransaction() will fail, meaning even clients that only want to read data 4. Press numpad 2 -> Same exception as above.

Why would we want to call BeginTransaction(...) for reads you ask? To specify the IsolationLevel.