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a stochastic markup language
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eval {
    // arbitrary javascript
    // global bml interpreter settings
    settings = {
        renderMarkdown: false,  // Since md is the target
    function someFunc(match, string, matchIndex) {
        return 'some replacement string';
    // Copy the prelude into literal text.
    function copyPrelude(match, string, matchIndex) {
        return '```\n' + string.slice(0, matchIndex) + '```\n';
mode literal {
    // No rules
begin using literal


Build Status Coverage Status Built with Spacemacs

BML is a superset of natural language which applies stochastic transformations on text. Words and strings can be used as triggers for weighted random replacements and arbitrary transformations specified with javascript.


To install:

npm install bml

To run the test suite:

npm test

To bundle for the web:

npm run build

To use in the web:

<script src="/path/to/bml.bundle.js"></script>
document.getElementById("someTargetId").innerHTML =
    bml("some bml loaded as a js string");

the language

A prelude section is used to define maps and evaluate arbitrary javascript. An eval block provides a location to execute arbitrary code and define reusable functions. maps link words in the text to other words with weights controlling their relative likelihood and may also call functions either defined inline or in the eval block.

Strings can be escaped with [[double square bracket delimiters.]] and backslashes \.

The text body can also apply one-time transformations, the common marker for them being {{double curly braces}}.

Available one-time transformations include:

  • choose: {{'x' 20, 'y' 30, 'z' 50, call someFunc}}
  • using: {{using literal}}

syntax highlighting

Experimental syntax highlighting for the browser is supported.

npm run buildHighlighting
<script src="/path/to/bml_highlighting.bundle.js"></script>

Be warned, this currently pulls in all of highlight.js, including a whole lot of languages irrelevant to bml. Pruning this to drastically reduce the bundle size is high on the list of upcoming improvements.

This is a very early, very unstable project. Lots of fixes and improvements coming soon!

By the way, as you may have guessed, this is a BML document. To generate this readme, run node readmeBuilder.js!

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