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Copyright 2008, Jovoto GmbH,
Copyright 2006, Original Developed by Rain City Software,
version 0.3.0
License: Apache 2.0
class MyClass << ActiveRecord::Base
has_flags [ :symbol, position, true/false, :symbol, ... ], [ options ]
:column = 'bit_flags'
:group => "group_name" ,
Attribute Accessors:
readers: name, name?
writer: name=(v)
where 'name' is the name of the bit field. the (v) parameter can be true/false, "true"/"false", 0/1, 'yes'/'no',
or :yes/:no. specifically, the following (v) inputs evaluate to true:
[ true, 'true', 'yes', :yes, 'ok', :ok, 1, '1' ]
all others, including nil evaluate false.
groups_name = [Array of flags] , not the plural
groups_name << name
group_ids = [Array of flag-ids]
Note: db table must include the column 'bit_flags' as an integer. Use the :column option to
override with an alternate name
Note: defaults are set in the 'after_initialized' callback. If your model needs to use this
callback, define it in the class and invoke: init_flags. Here is an example:
class MyClass << ActiveRecord::Base
has_flags [ :symbol, position, true/false, :symbol, ... ], [ options ]
def after_initialize
... do more stuff ...
Example Use:
has_flags [ :active, true, :has_invoice, 3, :canceled, 8 ]
this example creates nine accessor methods, active?, active, active=(v), has_invoice?, has_invoice,
has_invoice=(v), canceled?, canceled and canceled=(v). the 'bit_flags' bit flag is updated to follow
the setters, and when the class is initialized as new (not after a find), the default (active=true) is set.
has_flags [ :active, true, :deleted 8 ], [ :column = 'status_flags' ]
The has_flags method registers the Symbol objects as ? and =(v) accessors. it also takes care of
updating the underlying data element (defaults to 'bit_flags') when the =(v) methods are invoked. So
if MyClass uses has_flags, then you could do the following:
myclass =
active = false if active?
has_invoice = false
This would change the myclass.bit_flags value, then send it to the database.