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Integration of Jasmine Spec framework with Appcelerator Titanium Mobile
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Jamine Titanium

This brings JavaScript BDD framework Pivotal Lab's Jasmine to Titamium Mobile.

Getting Started

Make directories and get Jasmine Titanium

cd Resources
mkdir spec lib vendor
cd vendor
git clone
cd jasmine-titanium
git submodule init
git submodule update

Using jasmine 1.0.1-release.

Writing code

  • Writing specs in spec dir.
  • Writing application code in lib dir.

See Jasmine Wiki for more details.

Run specs



  • Mac OSX
  • iOS SDK
  • Android SDK (experimental)
  • Titanium Mobile 1.7.2 or later

Tips options

-v            show list of spec descriptions.
-s CLASSNAME  run specs for specified class only.
              ex. -s bookmark #=> bookmark_spec.js
-o FILE       Write output to a file instead of STDOUT.
-p PLATFORM, --platform=PLATFORM
              android or iphone. [default: iphone]
              specify android sdk path.                 
-r REPORTER, --reporter=REPORTER
              display result to html or console. (html only for android) [defulat: console]

make symbolic link for in Resource dir

# in Resources/
ln -s vendor/jasmine-titanium/script/

save typing.

filtering noisy log

./ |grep Jasmine:

change lib and spec dir

Edit vendor/jasmine-titanium/config/runner-config.js

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