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Keyboard-centric tools for Linux desktop users
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Musomisia -- keyboard-centric tools for Linux desktop users


Mcgr [1] provides hot-key access for

  • launching applications
  • focusing running applications
  • window layout management.
[1]originally abbreviated for "MetaCity Go to or Run", now works with other window managers as well

Once run, the mcgr script accepts the followig commands through the /tmp/mcgr.fifo FIFO:



goto-or-run <WM_CLASS> <commandline>

If a window with a matching WM_CLASS is found, it receives the focus. If the window is not on the current workspace, the correct workspace is activated first. If a matching window already has focus, the next window with the same WM_CLASS is focused instead. Multiple successive calls with the same WM_CLASS loop over all matching windows.

If no window with a matching WM_CLASS is found, the command line is run instead.


echo "goto-or-run Firefox firefox -P profilename" >>/tmp/mcgr.fifo

In GNOME key bindings use e.g.:

sh -c "[ -p /tmp/mcgr.fifo ] && echo Firefox firefox -P profilename >>/tmp/mcgr.fifo"
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