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Use #\null instead of #\nul

The latter is recognized by a bunch of implementations, but not by

Issue #12
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1 parent 0a351b0 commit b08f102b6154b479e48de98de3a8bbaacf59f442 @marijnh marijnh committed Feb 13, 2012
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4 json.lisp
@@ -68,9 +68,9 @@
(let ((finished nil))
(skip-whitespace stream)
- (let ((next (peek-char nil stream nil #\nul)))
+ (let ((next (peek-char nil stream nil #\null)))
(declare (type character next))
- (when (eql next #\nul)
+ (when (eql next #\null)
(json-error "Encountered end of input inside ~A." obj-name))
(when (eql next end-char)
(read-char stream)

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