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Akeneo PIM Documentation

The Akeneo PIM documentation

Build the documentation

Install Docker.

Then make build.

The docs will be built into ./pim-docs-build.

Deploy the documentation

With Circle CI (recommended)

Once you merge a PR into the master branch, it is automatically deployed on the staging server. In order to deploy it in production, please follow these steps:

  • Check the staging environment if everything is ok to be deployed in production
  • Open the list of merged PR in master branch in Circle CI. You have to be connected with your Github account.
  • Click on the first row which should be "On hold"

List of merged PR in master

  • Click on the box "approve_to_deploy_in_production" and approve. It will launch the deployment in production.

List of jobs in a workflow

  • It's deployed in production in 1 minute!

Local deployment (not recommended)

Your public SSH key should be deployed on the server (see Ansible configuration). It is strongly recommended to release with the CI process though.

To deploy what you have built, use PORT=1985 VERSION=bar make deploy.

HOSTNAME is the server to deploy the documentation on. PORT is the SSH port to connect to the server. VERSION is the subdirectory of /var/www/ where the documentation will be deployed on the the server. It should be something like 3.2, 4.0 or master.

To know the production and staging environments of pim-docs, please read the inventory.


Don't hesitate to suggest cookbook ideas via

Developer's notes

  • The folder /_themes/sphinx_rtd_theme is a clone from, and was updated on 2016-07. If you want to customize the Akeneo theme, please only update /_theme/akeneo_rtd theme.


[Community Documentation Repository] The open source Product Information Management (PIM)



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