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PDF Sharp Xamarin.Forms library for PDF generation
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PdfSharp.Xamarin.Forms is a Xamarin.Forms library for converting any Xamarin.Forms UI into PDF. It uses PdfSharp, which is a partial port of PdfSharpCore.

Supported Platforms

  • UWP
  • Android
  • iOS

Screenshots (see all)

App vs PDF


  • Init : For each platform you need to init seperately: PdfSharp.Xamarin.Forms.{Platform}.Platform.Init()
  • Generate : var pdf = PDFManager.GeneratePDFFromView(yourView)
  • Save : DependencyService.Get<IPdfSave>().Save(pdf, "pdfName.pdf")


  • Custom Fonts (You should provide Font Types and font files via IPDFHandler)
  • Image rendering
  • Custom renderer ( You can write your own renderer for your customView)
  • Paper size & orientation support
  • Do not render option : by using pdf:PdfRendererAttributes.ShouldRender="False" you can ignore that view in PDF


  • Images renders only Jpeg format (It converts PNG to JPEG automatically)
  • ListView does not renders automatically. You should write a renderer.

ListView Rendering

  • Due ListView Cell is not accesible from parent, you should implement a PdfListViewRendererDelegate for the ListView.
  <ContentPage  xmlns:pdf="clr-namespace:PdfSharp.Xamarin.Forms;assembly=PdfSharp.Xamarin.Forms">
  	<ListView pdf:ListRendererDelegate="{StaticResource YourRendererDelegate}" .../>


	public class PDFSampleListRendererDelegate: PdfListViewRendererDelegate
		public override void DrawCell(ListView listView, int section, int row, XGraphics page, XRect bounds, double scaleFactor)
			base.DrawCell(listView, section, row, page, bounds, scaleFactor);

		public override void DrawFooter(ListView listView, int section, XGraphics page, XRect bounds, double scaleFactor)
			base.DrawFooter(listView, section, page, bounds, scaleFactor);

		public override double GetFooterHeight(ListView listView, int section)
			return base.GetFooterHeight(listView, section);

Custom PDF Renderer

Its possible to write your own renderer, it will use it while renderering your View.

Register : PDFManager.RegisterRenderer(typeof(Label), typeof(PDFCustomLabelRenderer))


	public class PDFCustomLabelRenderer : PdfRendererBase<Label>
		public override void CreatePDFLayout(XGraphics page, Label label, XRect bounds, double scaleFactor)
			XFont font = new XFont(label.FontFamily ?? GlobalFontSettings.FontResolver.DefaultFontName, label.FontSize * scaleFactor);
			Color textColor = label.TextColor != default(Color) ? label.TextColor : Color.Black;

			if (label.BackgroundColor != default(Color))
				page.DrawRectangle(label.BackgroundColor.ToXBrush(), bounds);

			if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(label.Text))
				page.DrawString(label.Text, font, textColor.ToXBrush(), bounds,
					new XStringFormat()
						Alignment = label.HorizontalTextAlignment.ToXStringAlignment(),
						LineAlignment = label.VerticalTextAlignment.ToXLineAlignment(),
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