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A Go native implementation for ZIM files. See

ZIM files are used mainly as offline wikipedia copies.

See and

Wikipedia/Wikinews/... ZIMs can be downloaded from there

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build and installation

On Ubuntu/Debian youn need those packages to compile gozim

apt-get install git liblzma-dev mercurial build-essential

For the indexer bleve to work properly it's recommended that you use leveldb as storage.

go get -u -v -tags all

Gozim http server is using go.rice to embed html/css in the binary install the rice command

go get
go get
go install
go install

Get and build the gozim executables

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
go build
go build

After build gozimhttpd command run to embed the files:

rice append --exec gozimhttpd


CGO_CFLAGS=`pkg-config --cflags liblzma` go build 


For easy cross-compilation a !cgo build version uses a pure go library for lzma parsing. The pure go library is around ~2.5x slower in benchmarks so compile on your target OS if performance is important.


Optionally, build an index file: gozimindex -path=yourzimfile.zim -index=yourzimfile.idx

Start the gozim server: gozimhttpd -path=yourzimfile.zim [-index=yourzimfile.idx]


Mmap 1st 2GB on 32 bits Selective Gzip encode response based on content type func rather than if for getBytes