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To setup build environment

Firstly, install git , using the package manager in your distro.

Then, run these commands

$ git clone
$ cd scripts
$ bash setup/<name of script> is for Ubuntu/Linux Mint/other distributions using the apt package manager. The rest are named as per the distro.

Please run the correct script depending on the distro you have installed!


Brief explanation of stuff in here

aosip-> some scripts I use for AOSiP.

gerrit -> useful for setting up gerrit and stuff.

github -> some actions on github.

gitlab -> some actions on gitlab.

misc -> stuff.

personal-setup -> scripts to setup git credentials and functions after fresh installation.

push -> scripts to push multiple repos at once if you don't wanna do it manually.

random-html -> generates an index.html with a table with the list of files in current directory.

rr -> some scripts for ResurrectionRemix.

setup -> setup Android Build Environment / Android SDK.