An implementation of a FAT 12 system simulation in C
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What is this about ?

`This is a simulation of a how a FAT12 system looks like. There are certain things to be kept in mind while studying the code for understanding what is it about.

  • The data.txt is a file that contains information pertaining to the FILE system simulation. Aspects like creation, modification etc, are included in the data.txt file.
  • The program is setup in such a way that it parses information from data.txt and then follows the cycle of instructions in order to simulate a FAT12 system.
  • . and .. are included in the File directory of the FAT12 system
  • Since this is a simulation there is a constraint on the disk space, 2MB
  • The directory can contain a maximum of 12 files, after which the files are allocated onto the next block

How to run ?

First create the binary using the make command


Now just run the binary



Mozilla Public License


Please raise an Issue, if there is any technical discrepency either in the codebase or during the simulation of the FAT system


The intention of this repository and the codebase is not to help you skip your assignment or easing off the effort put in completion of it. If you are a student, PLEASE DONOT COPY THE SOURCE CODE AND USE THE SAME FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT.


Akhil Pandey