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Python scripts to interface with the Neurosky Mindwave EEG Headset

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This is a set of simple scripts that interface with the Neurosky Mindwave.

The Mindwave is a kind of Headset that can record EEG brain waves.

These scripts have been tested under Linux(Ubuntu) and OSX, so there might be some adaptation to do for other platforms.


Install following packages from your packing system:

  • python-numpy
  • python-game
  • python-scipy
  • pyserial

If you want to install dependencies using pip, you will also need to install following dev dependencies:

  • gfortran
  • libopenblas-dev
  • liblapack-dev


You might not have the neccessary permissions to open the serial connection. If that is the case, please drop me a note what you did to make it work. For example it might be enough to add your user account to the group "dialout".



Before you send any pull request, please make sure all the test cases are passed. To run test cases, you have to first install nose python package and run:



But, for what might you use an EEG?

  • Neurofeedback training
    • Better concentration
    • Help treat Depression and ADHD
    • Potentially other protocols
  • Help with meditation and measure progress and endurance
  • Use Brainwaves to control games

Please message me, if you have suggestions for improvements/bugs etc. or if you are interested to develop more features/games for the Mindwave.

If you want to use the Mindwave with some kind of physical computing platform (arduino, BeagleBoard, BeagleBone, Rasperry Pi), the manufacturer recommends that you solder some wires into the headset for direct communication. That means that you risk completely ruining the device and having to attach the Arduino (or similar) to the headset itself. Instead it's probably cheaper and easier to use the USB Host capabilities of an Arduino shield or the native USB Ports of the other platform for the dongle, retaining full functionality and "wirelessness".

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