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Opa port of the TodoMVC app

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Install Opa:

Compile and Run:

[tristan@marx ~/Devel/opado]
15:45 (master) λ make
opa src/todo.opa src/user.opa src/admin.opa src/main.opa
Embedding file "/Users/tristan/Devel/opado/resources/destroy.png" as resource "resources/destroy.png" with mimetype "image/png"
Embedding file "/Users/tristan/Devel/opado/resources/todos.css" as resource "resources/todos.css" with mimetype "text/css"
[tristan@marx ~/Devel/opado]
15:47 (master) λ ./src/main.exe 
Accesses logged to access.log
Messages logged to error.log
Opa-server (OPA/652) serving on http://marx.local:8080
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