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Opa is a revolutionary language for web development and this is a tutorial about developing Facebook-connectivity apps in Opa.

The developed app presents a Sign-in with Facebook button and upon clicking it, and authenticating with Facebook, presents the user with thumbnails of all her friends and their names. You can check its live version here.

This repository is the base for one of the 1h projects used during the Opa DevCamp Night on 7th of March 2012 and led by Adam Koprowski

How to proceed

  1. First open 01-battle-plan.md, which presents the goal of the project and a small-steps plan on how to achieve it.

  2. If at any point you get lost you can try 02-walk-through.md, which offers a detailed article on developing this project.

  3. If you get really lost you can peak into the 03-solution directory. This is kinda like cheating. Real code ninjas don't do that.