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About My Talks Repo

This is the repository for talks I give at conferences. The src directory contains the org-mode files I use to generate the talks. The slides directory is a hierarchical list of conferences by year.

I will usually post the original slides as given during the talk and possibly a corrected set if I find spelling mistakes or other infelicities of grammar, usage, punctuation or facts.

About Making Beamer Slides in Org-mode

I write my talks using org-mode and export them as beamer slides. The process is not difficult. Read the tutorial on the worg.

Copyright and License

Unless noted otherwise in the file itself, the org-mode files, slides and images are released under a CC BY 4.0 license (Attribution 4.0 International).

Note: There may be content in the talks that's included under fair use or CC license. I try to document owners. It's on you to know whether you also have a right or license to publish that material.

Updates and Suggestions

Let me know by fork/pull or send me an email if you find mistakes.