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Visual Binary Trees with Swift 3 Playgrounds
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Visual Binary Trees with Swift 3 Playgrounds

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  • Effortless visualization of arbitrary Binary Trees, along with their (pluggable) traversals
  • Works with trees implemented both as reference types and as Swift enums
  • By default, builds Optimal Tree Layout in O(n) time
  • Supports multiple tree layouts and various drawing configurations
  • A standalone playground with practical examples, ready to run in Xcode and in Swift Playgrounds for iPad
  • Written in latest Swift 3 / Xcode 8


  • A version as an embeddable framework under MIT license
  • TBD


Initial docs, generated with jazzy and hosted by GitHub Pages.


  1. Download or Clone the repository
$ git clone
  1. Open the playground in Xcode
$ cd VisualBinaryTrees
$ open VisualBinaryTrees.playground -a
  1. Optionally, you can also switch to the VisualBinaryTreeApp folder and open & run the included sample app:
$ cd VisualBinaryTreeApp
$ open VisualBinaryTree.xcodeproj -a


  • latest Xcode 8
  • iOS9 (requires iOS10 to run in the Swift Playgrounds for iPad)
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