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A theme and directory organisation for landslide

View an example presentation

Improved JavaScript

The default theme's slides.js has been revamped as a jQuery plugin with a handful of fixes and improvements (many more to come!):

  • Includes a clock in presenter view.
  • 'p' properly toggles presenter view on and off.
  • 'b' (blank) in presenter mode blanks the main view but simply reduces the opacity of the active slide in the presenter view.
  • Closing the main window will automatically close presenter view.
  • Greatly improved previously buggy scaling support, allows for embedding of slides.
  • Added support for more presenter remotes via additional shortcuts.
  • Additional 'f' shortcut for JavaScript-induced full screen mode. This resolves an issue with OSX blanking out the other screen when using F11 for full screen.

Creating a new presentation

  • Create a new directory
  • Place required markup files and any custom css and image files here
  • Copy the example_presentation/presentation.cfg to here and change the filenames and paths as required

Building the slides

  • Install landslide.
  • cd into the directory of the presentation that you want to create and run landslide presentation.cfg.
  • Open up the newly created HTML file that is in the presentation directory.