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Iowa Environmental Mesonet

If using this code causes your server to have kittens, it is your own fault.

This monolith drives much of the ingest, processing, product generation, and web presence of the IEM. Hopefully it can be found useful for others to at least look at to see how some of the magic happens.

Limited integration testing is done on Github Actions: Build Status

Database schema is in akrherz/iem-database.

Where are processes running

The processing load for the IEM is spread over a number of virtual machines. This is an attempt to document what is running where. The backup shown may not be automated, but another system that could be up and running the service in limited time.

Process Primary Backup Monitor
GOES R/S iem8-dc iem19 None
hrrr iem8-dc None None
iembot iem11-dc None nagios
iemdb1 metvm4 metvm8 nagios check
iemdb2 metvm2 metvm0 nagios check
iemdb3 metvm6 metvm1 nagios check
iem-web-services iem27-dc iem11-dc nagios check
letsencrpyt iem12 None nagios SSL check
LDM iem11 None None
LoggerNet iem8-dc None nagios check
memcached iem8-dc iem11-dc nagios check
NEXRAD Mosaics iem8-dc iem16 nagios checks archive
NWWS-OI Ingest iem12 None None
openfire iem11-dc None None
rabbitmq iem9-dc iem8-dc nagios check
samba iem16 None cron scripts check data availability
RIDGE iem9-dc None inbound file queue, check latency 7 radars
webalizer iem19 None None
Webcam Current iem18 None cron script monitors for offline webcams
Webcam Lapses iem18 None None


Code that makes the Iowa Environmental Mesonet run, or run into the ground.








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