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Code that makes the Iowa Environmental Mesonet run, or run into the ground.
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It this causes your server to have kittens, it is your own fault.

Some IEM cluster details (so I can keep it straight!)

-[ ] one -[x] two

Point php.ini at memcache for sessions

[Session] session.save_handler = memcache session.save_path = "tcp://iem-memcached:11211"

Considerations prior to rebooting a machine

  • make sure LDM cleanly stops
  • check nagios after reboot :)

Machine | Needs --------+------- iem21 | webcam lapses iem30 | None iem50 | migrate 202 VIP over to iem30

Where are processes running?!?

Process | Primary | Backup | Monitor? --------+---------+--------+--------- RIDGE | iem6 | ??? | inbound file queue, check latency 7 radars Webcam Lapses | iem6 | ??? | None Webcam Current | iem6 | ??? | cron script monitors for offline webcams iembot | iem6 | iem21 | nagios checks for twistd processes running nwningest | iem12 | ??? | cron scripts checks SNET sites for being online openfire | iem12 | ??? | None postgres | metvm4 | iemfe | None

Shared Filesystems

/mnt/gluster0 :: iem-dr{1,2} clustered replica meant for larger files
/mnt/mesonet  :: primary /mesonet folder from iem21
/mnt/mesonet2 :: secondary /mesonet folder from iemvm1
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