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Angular module to draw flow diagrams
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ngxFlowchart (work in progress)

An angular module to create flow diagrams


  • For the demo: ng serve (runs on localhost:4200)
  • To build ngxflowchart: ng build ngxflowchart
  • Add <flowchart [data]='flowchart_data'> to use

Workflow / Roadmap / Todolist

  • Update to angular 7
  • Add a library using ng generate library ngflow; The library appears unders projects folder. This will need to be built before use. Be sure to add the --prefix or angular appends lib- as default prefix. On adding a library, 3 changes take place:
  • Build the library: ng build ngxflowchart
  • Use the library in a demo: After building the library, you can directly import the module in your demo app. Make sure you've exported the module in public_api.ts file in your library folder though - this is your entrypoint file.
  • Build the library
  • Import the library in app.module.ts; always import the entire module, not individual files. If the module is not found, make sure you've built the module first and restart the server after building
  • Add a simple node and wire and render it
  • Add position data to node and wire
  • Render a graph using a data structure
  • Add ability to drag nodes
  • [] Add ability to connect nodes
  • [] Add ability to transfer data between nodes
  • [] Add callback to process content flowing through node
  • [] Add multiple inputs to node

Topics to explore

Difference between control flow and data flow

SVG vs HTML5 elements to render the graph

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