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Upload, download and delete Azure blob files
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Azure Blob Explorer

A simple and easy to use library to upload, download and delete all your assets/files/folders to Azure blob containers.


Via Maven



To upload a file or a folder:


AzureBlobUpload azureBlobUpload = new AzureBlobUpload("account name", "account key", "container name");

// Single file.

// Folder

To Download a file or a folder:


AzureBlobDownload azureBlobDownload = new AzureBlobDownload("account name", "account key", "container name");

// Single file.
azureBlobDownload.downloadFile("fileName.txt", "path/to/download/");

// Folder
azureBlobUpload.downloadFolder("./folderName/", "path/to/download/");

To delete a file, folder or a container:

AzureBlobDelete blobDelete = new AzureBlobDelete("account name", "account key", "container name");

// Delete file.

// Delete a blob folder and its content

// Delete container
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