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Image Hash

This is just a quick concept that I messed around with. Basically, this is a visualization of sha384 hash.

The alorithm is extremely simple.

  1. Take the SHA384 Hash of the given text string. (line 12) Here, I made the decision to take the hash of the lowercase string so as to avoid different hashes for different capitalizations of the same string.

  2. Split the hash string into a set of tuples each of length 3 (line 14) This is not as complicated as it seems. Here is an example.
    String = "abcdefghi"

    Map = [
    ( a, b, c ) ( d, e, f ) ( g, h, i ) ] `

  3. Loop through each tuple and use each of the three values as colors (line 21) This section is also really simple as SHA384 outputs 48 bytes. In tuples of 3, this is 16 values. I just represent this as 16 boxes each the color made by the values of the bytes in the tuples.

To run this simply run

` python <text to hash>`

This will output a file that is <text to has>.png

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