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An easy to use library for dealing with the DOM and general javascript APIs. Minimal dependencies, and aiming to be as close to the javascript API as possible.

Module Documentation

Some Examples

Set the contents of an iframe to arbitary html content

setContents contents = do
  -- doc = window.document
  doc <- document globalWindow
  -- iframe = doc.querySelector("#siteFrame")
  iframe <- querySelector "#siteFrame" doc
  -- iframeDoc = iframe.contentWindow.document
  iframeDoc <- (contentWindow iframe) >>= document
  -- iframeDoc.querySelector("html").innerHTML = contents
  querySelector "html" iframeDoc >>= setInnerHTML contents

-- or a little shorter
setContents' contents = do
  document globalWindow >>= querySelector "#siteFrame" >>=
    contentWindow >>= document >>= querySelector "html" >>=
      setInnerHTML contents

Change all a href's on a page and add the original link as a data attribute

modifyLinkTarget link = do
  attr <- getAttribute "href" link       -- attr = link.getAttribute("href")
  setAttribute "href" "#" link           -- link.setAttribute("href", "#")
  setAttribute "data-target" attr link   -- link.setAttribute("data-target", attr)
  return link

modifyLinks page = do
  links <- querySelectorAll "a" page      -- links = [HTMLElement]
  sequence $ modifyLinkTarget links --

Place some content from an API call into a div

-- Convert the evt content into text for the callback
handleRequest callback evt = do
  target <- eventTarget event
  text <- responseText target
  callback text

-- Construct and perform AJAX request for the specified url
makeGetRequest url callback = do
  req <- makeXMLHttpRequest
  addEventListener "load" (handleRequest callback) req
  open GET url req
  setRequestHeader "Content-Type" "application/json" req
  send NoData req

-- retrieve the content and place it inside the div
requestContent = do
  let url = ""
  doc <- document globalWindow

  makeGetRequest url $ \resp -> do
    querySelector "#myDiv" doc >>= setInnerHtml resp