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My Emacs configuration.

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This is the Emacs configuration that Alex Payne uses. It’s not designed to be a starter kit. It’s just some dude’s preferred way to edit stuff, when using Emacs.


  • Works on the Mac. Most recently tested with Emacs-pretest-24.0.94-universal from here.
  • Worked on Linux under the Ubuntu release of Emacs 23 (GTK), but not actively maintained for Linux.
  • Has some strange accommodations for Dvorak typists, such as C-t being mapped to C-x, and being able to C-x c (actually C-t c) to do a M-x.
  • More comfortable if you set caps lock to act as ctrl.
  • Assumes that you want to use Emacs for editing and maybe very occasionally as your shell, but probably not for email, news, or web browsing.

Supported Languages

Beyond what Emacs supports out of the box:

  • Scala
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • Textile
  • YAML
  • Clojure
  • Thrift
  • Haskell

Additional Modes

  • magit – integration with the Git VCS
  • textmate – some helpful features and familiar keymappings from the TextMate editor
  • full-ack – a nice interface to the Ack grep replacement utility
  • smart-tab – autocompletion just like your fingers are used to from the shell
  • more!


  • defaults to Solarized dark
  • nice colors for diff-mode (assumes a dark theme)
  • nice colors for errors in flymake-mode
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