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chrome_extension version 0.0.1 published Sep 11, 2010
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www Model methods, controller actions and views for thread deletion Mar 11, 2013

This is the version 2 (from scratch).

This project uses the Affero GPL License Version 3. That means (among other things) you have to publish the code if you use the source from this project. v2 third party code and stuff:

Core based on Zend Framework: ( )

Yahoo! Geo Planet API This project is strong WOEID integration centered: ( )

JQuery for Javascript: ( )

GeoLite data API by Maxmind to auto detect user location: ( )

Logo by Silvestre Herrera under GPL License: ( )

Special thanks to JetBrains guys, they give us free license to use PHPStorm IDE for our project: ( )

This version supports i18n (multilanguage, easy translations by csv files).