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NCache: Highly Scalable Distributed Cache for .NET

NCache is an extremely fast and scalable Open Source distributed cache for .NET applications. Use NCache for database caching, ASP.NET Session State storage, ASP.NET View State Caching, and much more.

NCache is used by hundreds of companies all over the world in mission critical applications. See more details about NCache at Alachisoft.

NCache Users


  • Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub) with Topic
  • Cache CRUD operations
  • Bulk CRUD operations
  • Lock/Unlock cached items
  • Item level event notifications
  • Eviction
  • Absolute and sliding expirations
  • ASP.NET Session State Provider
  • ASP.NET View State Cache
  • Mirrored Cache topology
  • NHibernate Second Level Cache provider
  • NuGet Packages
  • Runs in Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and any other Cloud platform

Getting Started

Installation Guide

Step-by-step guide about how to install NCache for Open Source edition, and to configure your environment accordingly.

Admin Guide

Perform administrative tasks on caches using configuration files for NCache Open Source edition.

Programmers Guide

Use various features of NCache in .NET to develop high performance and scalable applications.

Dockers Guide

Docker image and Dockerfile with NCache environment to allow seamless building of NCache applications and managing cache clusters.

Edition Comparison

Compare various editions available. Enterprise Edition vs Open Source Edition.


NCache Open Source is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0 See more details at