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QML/C++-written desktop client for


  • Login by twitch credentials
  • Desktop notifications
  • Integrated player
  • Chat support
  • Support for live streams and vods

Available on Play Store



  • mpv (default), qtav or qt5-multimedia

Building on linux

(Using arch linux examples, but can be applied to other distros as well)

Install needed libraries and software

sudo pacman -S git gcc qt5-base qt5-quickcontrols qt5-svg qt5-quickcontrols2 qt5-graphicaleffects mpv

If using backend other than mpv, install those packages instead.

Choosing player backend (optional)

To select a backend used, pass CONFIG-variable a suitable backend for qmake (alternatively edit straight to .pro file):

  • MPV: CONFIG+=mpv
  • QtAV: CONFIG+=qtav
  • Qt5 Multimedia: CONFIG+=multimedia

As default, mpv is used (if nothing is passed)

Get orion from github and install

git clone
cd orion
mkdir build && cd build
qmake ../
make && sudo make install

Building on MacOS

Install needed libraries and software

brew install qt mpv
brew link --force qt

You need to force link qt to get qmake. Note that this can cause problems with other make tools. For more information see brew info qt.

Get orion from github and install

git clone
cd orion
mkdir build && cd build
qmake ../

There will now be an application in the build directory.

Qt version

Minimum supported Qt version is currently 5.8


Supports environment variables such as QT_QUICK_CONTROLS_MATERIAL_ACCENT, to customize UI colors.


# linux example, but similar in other OSes

And this looks like:

See more on qt material docs.

Windows troubleshooting

You need Visual C++ 2015-runtime installed.

Installer can be found in the application's install directory (I'll make it install automatically in the next version)

Known issues

  • If network goes down while Orion is running, the images stop loading until application restart. Otherwise the application should work fine after network is back up
  • Sometimes the stream hangs and doesn't load on start. Restarting the stream should work
  • Vods are sometimes having issues, skipping some parts of the video. Needs further investigating
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