SXA Reference is an example Sitecore project build on top of Sitecore Experience Accelerator.
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SXA Reference

SXA Reference is an example Sitecore project build on top of Sitecore Experience Accelerator.

The main goal of this reference project is to show SXA features and give guidelines on how to build/configure new sites.


Clone Repository

Open command line and run following command


Install Sitecore & SXA

The next step is to create a new Sitecore instnace and then install SXA package.

Current XA.Reference project is compatible with:

Product Version Revision
Sitecore 8.2 rev. 161221
SXA 1.2 rev. 161205

Environment specific configs

  1. Open repository root.
  2. Make a copy of following files and remove .example from the file name:
    • publishsettings.targets.example,
    • zzz.Sxa.Reference.config.example
  3. Fill file content of each file with your settings
    • publishsettings.targets - set publishUrl. This is your site name (IIS site name),
    • zzz.Sxa.Reference.config - set value of Sitecore variable named sourceFolder. Variable should point to the src folder from XA.Reference repository

Build and publish

  • Open PowerShell Console as Administrator
  • Navigate to XA.Reference repository root
  • Execute

Alternative way:

You can build whole solution using Visual Studio and publish selected projects using WebPublish (hit Alt + B + H and select publish).