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Helps a candidate find the next job position.
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Cognitive Head Hunter - GBS Watson Challenge Application

Cognitive Head Hunter is a cognitive based system to designed to help both a candidate and a HR professional make a good match more quickly and more reliably using Watson to read and extract cognitive information from the both the candidates providing a better match between them, not only by analyzing keywords but also by understanding the concepts outlined within a resume or a job posting.

Watson Services used

Concept Insights - The Concept Insights service links documents that you provide with a pre-existing graph of concepts based on Wikipedia (e.g. 'Cognitive Systems', 'Solar Energy', etc.). Users of this service can also search for documents that are relevant to a concept or collection of concepts by exploring concepts that are explicitly contained in your queries or are implicitly referenced through related concepts. More about this service here.

Personality Insights - The Watson Personality Insights service uses linguistic analytics to extract a spectrum of cognitive and social characteristics from the text data that a person generates through blogs, tweets, forum posts, and more. More about this service here.

Installation instructions

Click on the buttom bellow to deploy your own copy of Cognitive Head Hunter into your Bluemix account.

Deploy to Bluemix

And that's about it! You successfully just created a Node.js application in Bluemix together with a Concept Insights, Personality Insights and Cloudant NoSQL DB services required to this project.

Now it's time to configure your project.

Manual installation

  1. Fork or clone this repository.

  2. Open your terminal and navigate to your cloned/forked project in your system.

  3. Push your application to Bluemix using no manifest file. Type cf push <application-name> --no-manifest in your terminal.

  4. Go to your Bluemix app which you just created in your Bluemix account.

  5. Include a Concept Insights service in your application.

  6. Include a Personality Insights service in your application.

  7. Include a Cloudant NoSQL DB service in your application. No database or view need to be created now, it will be done by the app on start-up.

  8. Create two USER_DEFINED Environment Variables in your bluemix app named LINKEDIN_APPKEY and LINKEDIN_APPSECRET, initially with no values. (Continue reading to know how to create one)

  9. Restart your application.

Now you just need to configure your project, follow the instructions bellow.

Configuration instructions

This application uses LinkedIn integration so you will have to create an application on it as part of the steps below.

  1. Create a new LinkedIn application to obtain keys needed in our integration. You can create it here

  2. Go to your application page at Bluemix and update the value of the two USER_DEFINED under Environment Variables.

  3. Restart your application.

  4. Go to <application-name> to see your own copy up and running!

Operating instructions

Watch the live demo video at

Name and email for the distributor or programmer


To troubleshoot your Bluemix app the main useful source of information are the logs, to see them, run:

$ cf logs <application-name> --recent


This project code is licensed under Apache 2.0. Full license text is available in LICENSE.



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