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A Sketch plugin to create HTML based gallery straight from sketch artboards


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HTML based gallery straight from sketch document.

This is an alternative for sketch mirror, provides 2x scaled images out of the box for retina displays, images in the preview are always fit to width of the browser and fill up the screen, so it looks more like the real thing. This also allows scrolling for vertical oriented web-page/website designs.

How to install

  1. Download the latest version from releases

  2. Extract it.

  3. Run the Neo Preview.sketchplugin by double clicking it.

That's it, the plugin will be installed and available under the plugins menu in Sketch.


Export all artboards from current page to a gallery using keyboard shortcut cmd + shift + ,

Export all artboards from all pages to a gallery using keyboard shortcut cmd + shift + . - by default export will exclude Symbols & Styles pages. Also for convenience excludes any page starting with an _. For example: If I don't want to export a page for prototype preview like icons page, I'll add an underscore to exclude it.

The default scaling for above commands will be taken from the artboards' top most export configuration, If an artboard is not marked for export, it will be skipped.

Default export configuration

Also included two more commands to force 2x scaling when exporting the artboards, this too will ignore artboards which are not marked for export.

2x force scaling commands

Gallery images maximize on click and fit to width. Ideal for prototypes as we can use this to check scrolling.

Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate between images quickly. left and right arrows to move between screens and esc to minimize and go back to gallery.

Each image will have a numbered unique location.hash based URL, so can easily share URLs if the files were in a web server.


Export from Sketch

Gallery View

Maximised view


Thanks ivanbozic's pages to folders, which was used as a reference for exporting images module of this plugin.




Have any suggestions or feedbacks? Hit me up on Twitter @alanfraneo