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DocuSPeaKr - OWL Documentation system based on LODSPeaKr

Author: Alvaro Graves (alvaro@graves.cl)

Version: 20120817


  1. Clone this repository (git clone git://github.com/alangrafu/docuspeakr.git)

  2. Move docuspeakr where you will publish your documentation (eg., mv docuspeakr /var/www/docs)

  3. Copy lodspeakr/default.settings.inc.php to lodspeakr/settings.inc.php and change the following variables:

    • $conf['endpoint']['local'] (your local endpoint)
    • $lodspk['graph'] (the named graph where your ontology is located in the triple store)
    • $conf['home'] (the path where docuspeakr is located)
    • $conf['basedir'] (the location on the web of your documentation)
  4. Give permission to the webserver to write lodspeakr/cache, lodspeakr/meta and lodspeakr/meta/db.sqlite

That's it. you should see your documentation