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Highrise to LDAP Gateway

*WARNING:* This was developed as a proof of concept in about 5 hours, so take it with a grain of salt.

Adapted from the ldap-activerecord-server, this application will proxy your Highrise contacts as LDAP entries.  
Once you have this installed and running on a local server, you can point OS X's Addressbook 
(or Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) at it and get autocomplety goodness in your local mail client.


# Figure out your highrise API url
  # Click on 'My Info' in Highrise
  # Click on 'Reveal authentication token for feeds/API' under 'User account'.  
    That will give you a key like b99531bd29aabd9bc9a09d04a60a97e722414
  # Combine that with your highrise url like such: 
   (Yes, X.  Those 37signals dudes are wacky)
# Get the source from
# Install gems : activeresource ruby-ldapserver
# Create (from sample) and edit the conf/ldap-config.yml file, primarily to set the right Highrise API url
# run @bin/ldap-server.rb start@ and check the log file for problems.

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