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Student & Alumni Relationship Management Software


RubyCampus is a student and alumni relationship management system for admissions, enrollment management and alumni development. It is designed to organize an educational institutions mission and its priorities; to assist it in recruiting students, increasing enrollments, retention and for improving campus diversity and communications. It can also be used in conjunction with one or more e-Learning platforms such as Moodle and Sakai. It is written in Ruby, internationalized and is easy to install and use on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, SunOS and BSD. Offering a free and fully transparent open source alternative to commercial software for student recruitment and alumni development.

A working demo of RubyCampus is accessible at ; you can view an online presentation and see screenshots of the project on its official website .

The purpose of this file is to enumerate the RubyCampus software together with the required gems and bindings necessary to successfully install, deploy and operate an installation.

If you downloaded an archive of RubyCampus or obtained it from any other source than our official repository hosted at git:// or from a trusted mirror such as at GitHub , we strongly recommend that you clone and use only source from an official repository. This will ensure your organization is receiving updates directly from the authors.

Official Repository

  • RubyCampusgit://

See the instructions below, and also see the RubyCampus Wiki for more details.

Minimal Requirements

RubyCampus is developed with POSIX-oriented operating systems in mind such as Linux, Mac OS X, SunOS and BSD/OS. While it is possible to use Windows we recommend you use a POSIX-compliant operating system to help ensure compatibility with forthcoming iterations.


  • Linux/BSD OS
  • Apache2
  • MySQL 5.0
  • Passenger 2.0.6


  • Ruby 1.8.7
  • Gem 1.3.1
  • Rails 2.2.2
  • imagemagick & libmagick9-dev (You must compile this yourself)
  • rmagick gem

Quick Install Reference

These instructions are intended for persons familiar with the Ruby programming language, Rails framework and Git distributed revision control. All others please refer to our wiki for a more comprehensive installation guide. Before installing RubyCampus you must have a properly configured environment; successfully compiled imagemagick & libmagick9-dev and installed the rmagick Ruby Gem. These libraries are used by RubyCampus to generate graphs, charts and other dynamic imagery.

  • @ git clone git:// @

Prior to running rake tasks you must first complete the required configuration templates at config/*.yml.template and duplicate them as config/*.yml before proceeding

  • @ export RAILS_ENV=production @
  • @ rake db:create @
  • @ rake db:migrate @

Our issue tracker , wiki and community resources are freely available at

Copyright © 2008-2009 Kevin R. Aleman. Fukuoka, Japan. All Rights Reserved.


See the file doc/LICENSE