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goscons is a set of SCons tools for building Go code.

goscons supports Cgo.

goscons includes a helper application based on the one from sconsgo,
which can be found at:


To get started, do the following:

1. Set GOROOT in your environment to point to your Go distribution.

2. Add $GOROOT/bin to your PATH.

3. On Mac OS X, it is also necessary to set GOARCH.

4. Run scons to install goscons-helper to $GOROOT/bin.

5. Run ./ to do some tests.

6. Set PYTHONPATH in your environment to point to the top-level
goscons directory.

7. Look in and the prj[12345] directories for some examples.

If PYTHONPATH is set, the following SConstruct should work to build a
simple Go project:

from goscons import GoEnvironment
env = GoEnvironment()


Work was started on support for gccgo, but the compiler is missing
some features that are needed to support dependency resolution and
automatic construction of the link commands.


Please report bugs to Albert Strasheim <>.

##About the tests

The tests assume you have the 386 tools available, so if you are on
amd64, go to $GOROOT/src and run:

    GOARCH=386 ./make.bash

You might need to install 32-bit versions of packages like glibc-devel
for this to work, so try something like:

    yum install libgcc.i686 glibc-devel.i686 libuuid-devel.i686