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OpenLieroX - Liero clone / Worms realtime / 2D shooter
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Revert "fluent viewport pos (float world pos)"

This reverts commit debda4f.

Don't like it. Too much stuff expects the LX single res,
and is drawn like that, like projectiles, etc.
Also, worm is warping up/down because of simulation and
because worm pos is float, which was not visible before
and should not be visible.
latest commit 82f962e920
Albert Zeyer authored
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build Xcode temporary fix linked libs
debian some debian updates
doc SDL2: SDL_SetAlpha fixes
include Revert "fluent viewport pos (float world pos)"
libs Google Breakpad: fix CompareStringPtrs
optional-includes small fix
sandbox we dont need openliero nor lua sandbox stuff in 0.58
share rm obsolete files (.svn)
src Revert "fluent viewport pos (float world pos)"
tests some initial test framework (well, just one demo so far)
tools SDL2: more fixes for SDL_SRCALPHA, alpha blend modes
.gitignore gitignore
.gitmodules add LuaJIT
CMakeLists.txt better way to get root dir (i really hope that works everywhere...)
CMakeOlxCommon.cmake CMake: enable C++11
COPYING.LIB some changes for the preparation of the installer-archives
DEPS deps. libbfd
PCHSupport_26.cmake Limit debug info somewhat Update
VERSION push version to 0.59 b10 fixed get_olx_version (git/svn specific version also not needed anymore) Made .sh files even more sh-compatible Made .sh files even more sh-compatible
start.bat Fixed start.bat fix for startscript to also execute out of other dirs Fixed precompiled header - the correct way.


This is the game OpenLieroX! Homepage:

Content of this file:

  • Description
  • About
  • Compilation
  • Game search paths
  • Development
  • Report bugs / feature requests
  • Thank you


It's some type of a real-time, excessive clone of Worms. Or like 2D Quake with worms and ninja ropes.


OpenLieroX is based on Jason Boettcher's famous Liero Xtreme.

Jason B. has released his work in 2006 under the zlib-licence and after some months of work, we ported and enhanced his work and got OpenLieroX.


For more details, read here:


Use CMake, e.g.:

cmake .



followed by:

make -j4

Mac OS X

Use the Xcode project under build/Xcode.


Use the MSVC project under build/msvc 2010.

Game search paths

The game uses case insensitive filenames (it will use the first found on case sensitive filesystems). The game searches the paths ~/.OpenLieroX, ./ and /usr/share/games/OpenLieroX for game-data (all path are relative to this bases) (in this order) by default. You can also add more searchpathes and change this in cfg/options.cfg. Own modified configs, screenshots and other stuff always will be stored in ~/.OpenLieroX.

More details:


If you are interested in the development, either in how we work, the work / source code itself or if you want to support us in any way, read here:

Report bugs / feature requests

If you find a bug in OpenLieroX, please fill in a bug report! If you have a nice idea about a feature or if you just miss something, please fill in a feature request. We have a tracker for this:

When filling in a bug report, please be precise! Say exactly, what version you are using, what operating system (Windows, MacOSX, Linux) and what version of that you are using. If you are not using the most recent version of OpenLieroX, please try with the newest version if the problem is already fixed there. If you are using a version from Git, please say exactly what revision that is.

Beside that, for the bug itself, the console output is needed in almost all cases. Just post it or attach it to the bug report. Depending on the operating system, the console output of OpenLieroX is a bit hidden from you.

For Linux/Unix, just call the game via console. You will get all the output there.

For MacOSX, there are multiple ways.

One way of getting the output (also from already running OLX or already exited OLX) is the tool /Applications/Utilities/Console. MacOSX saves the console output of every application and this tool can show them. Specify the filer "openlierox" and you will see all the output.

Another way is similar to Unix, just call it via console (e.g. with the /Applications/Utilities/Terminal application). E.g., if you installed OpenLieroX to /Applications, the full path to call it via console would be:


For Windows, there should be a file stdout.txt in the OpenLieroX directory containing all the output.

Thanks for all the fish

So, well, I think that was all the important stuff. Look at the Homepage for further details.

Thank you for enjoying it!

-- The team: Dark Charlie, Albert Zeyer and the [RIP] clan

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