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some space to try things out
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julia-benchmark cleanup
mach_override @ e2ca3c3 add submodule mach_override (yeah! :))
.gitignore gitignore
.gitmodules add submodule mach_override (yeah! :)) readme update better_exchook
bin2c.c initial
blas_test.cpp blas test
brew-fix-unlinked.rb link
constr_test.cpp references
constr_test2.cpp references
count-to-death.c initial
cpp-macro-unknown.cpp more
cpp-macro.cpp c++ macro test
cpp_custom_andop.cpp testing custom operator&&
de2en.cpp initial more comments
evil_signal_fork.cpp initial
exploit_precomp.cpp initial
functor_demo.cpp initial
functor_demo.s initial get/send udpstream initial TypeError: __init__() takes at least 2 arguments (3 given)
malloctest.cpp initial
memdump.cpp initial
nested-funcs-test.c initial initial
perftest.cpp perftest.cpp initial
pureconst-test-a.c initial
pureconst-test.c initial
pureconst-test.s initial property perf results more initial reference author and license reference initial small extra check
sdlimagetest.cpp references
sdlimagetest.png initial get/send udpstream
static_init_time.cpp static_init_time.cpp
templ_sample.cpp initial
template_type_selection.cpp fixes
test-constint.cpp initial
test-fwrite.cpp initial initial
test-int-cmp.c comment
test-int-cmp.s test-int-cmp.s more test multiproc multithread
test-objtype.cpp initial
test-scope.cpp test-scope
test-sizeof.cpp initial
test-template.cpp initial
test-typeinfo.cpp initial
test-typeinfo.s initial
test.c initial
test2.cpp initial
test_assert.cpp initial
test_attrlist.cpp initial
test_boost_link.cpp test boost link initial
test_call_anon_templfunc.cpp initial initial fix
test_constexpr_init_prio.hpp more on constexpr init_priority avoid optimization
test_constexpr_init_prio_a.cpp more on constexpr init_priority
test_constexpr_init_prio_b.cpp more on constexpr init_priority
test_constexpr_init_prio_main.cpp more on constexpr init_priority
test_constexpr_sym.cpp more
test_copyconstr.cpp initial
test_cpp11_iterarray.cpp test_cpp11_iterarray.cpp
test_cpp_equal.cpp test_cpp_equal.cpp initial initial initial test exception escape
test_execve.cpp initial comments / cleanup
test_init_prio.hpp more more
test_init_prio_a.cpp more
test_init_prio_b.cpp more
test_init_prio_main.cpp more
test_mod.cpp initial
test_prodtempl.cpp template test test_sysargs
test_templ_det.cpp initial
test_template_selection.cpp another way initial
testcrash_python_threadlocal.c more debugging more debugging theano test
ublas_test.cpp ublas test
undef_test.c initial
viennacl_test.cpp testing viennacl opencl
virtual_inheritance.cpp c++ virtual inheritance test


This is some space to try things out.

Trying things out is the most important and most effective, and most fun way to learn. :)

-- Albert,

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