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Plugin for Assemble for gathering data from partials
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assemble-partial-data NPM version

Plugin for Assemble which collects data from partials and groups it by key. Each value in the data hash has a list of associated partials.

This plugin was created to be used along with albogdano/handlebars-helper-mdpartial. When used together, these allow you to treat partials as mini pages and provide flexibility when working with partial data.


Use npm to install the package in your project's directory:

$ cd your-project
$ npm install assemble-partial-data --save-dev

Register the plugin

To register the plugin explicitly in the Gruntfile:

  assemble: {
    options: {
      // the "assemble-partial-data" npm module must also be listed in
      // devDependencies for assemble to automatically resolve the plugin
      plugins: ["assemble-partial-data", "foo/*.js"]
    files: {
      "dist/": ["src/templates/*.html"]


In your partials and pages use {{partialData}} to access the partial data object which contains the grouped data from all partials.

The YAML data is collected from each partial and grouped by key in a similar way to how Assemble groups categories and tags for pages.

Example data returned by {{partialData}}:

"somedata": [
      "value": "foo",
      "partials": [
      "value": "bar",
      "partials": [
  • The value field contains the value of a somedata.
  • The partials field contains a list of partials where this same piece of data was found.


MIT License

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