[DEPRECATED] Amazon SQS river plugin for ElasticSearch 1.4
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AWS SQS River Plugin for Elasticsearch 1.4 Build Status

ℹ️ This plugin is now built into Para and works with Elasticsearch 6+

⚠️ Rivers are now deprecated since Elasticsearch 1.5 - learn more

The AWS SQS plugin uses Amazon's SQS as a river by long polling for messages from a given queue. Right after a message is indexed it gets deleted from the queue. This plugin works with Elasticsearch 1.4.


$ cd elasticsearch-dir
$ bin/plugin -i river-amazonsqs -u https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/albogdano/river-amazonsqs.zip


To configure put this in your elasticsearch.yml:

cloud.aws.region: AWS REGION
cloud.aws.access_key: AWS ACCESS KEY
cloud.aws.secret_key: AWS SECRET KEY
cloud.aws.sqs.queue_url: AWS QUEUE URL
cloud.aws.sqs.debug: (false by default)
cloud.aws.sqs.sleep: (seconds)
cloud.aws.sqs.longpolling_interval: (seconds)

OR use a river configuration like this:

curl -XPUT 'localhost:9200/_river/my_sqs_river/_meta' -d '{
  "type": "amazonsqs",
  "amazonsqs": {
      "region": "AWS REGION",
      "access_key": "AWS ACCESS KEY",
      "secret_key": "AWS SECRET KEY",
      "queue_url": "AWS QUEUE URL",
      "debug": false,
      "sleep": 60,
      "longpolling_interval": 20
    "index": {
      "max_messages": 10,
      "index": "es_index_name"


Messages are in the following JSON format:

  "_id": "123",
  "_index": "es_index_name",
  "_type": "es_data_type",
  "_data": { "key1": "value1" ...}
  • The fields _id and _type are required.
  • If _data is missing the data with this id will be deleted from the index.
  • If _data is anything other than JSON object we discard it and treat the messages as a delete request.
  • If _index is missing it will fallback to the index that was initially configured, otherwise the _index property overrides the default configuration and allows you to dynamically switch between indexes.
  • If _id is an integer it will be converted to String because SQS doesn't convert integers to strings automatically.
  • When the queue is empty the river will sleep for sleep seconds before sending a new request for messages to the queue. Long polling is done by the Amazon SQS client using the waitTimeSeconds attribute which is set to longpolling_interval (must be between 0 and 20).


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