Control Sphero with Leap Motion (aka Jedi Calisthenics)
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#Leap Motion Controlled Sphero

A teacher at my son's school allowed me to use his Leap Motion over the weekend, I hacked together this quick and dirty script to control Sphero using it.

See it in action!



  • Rotate finger to set base heading (it only rotates clockwise)
  • Push forward to make Sphero go straight ahead (heading of 0°)
  • Pull backward to make Sphero go backward (heading of 180°)
  • Swipe left to make Sphero go left (heading of 270°)
  • Swipe right to make Sphero go right (heading of 90°)
  • Swipe UP or DOWN to stop



  • Set device variable to whatever device Sphero connects to your machine has
  • It's currently oversensitive so multiple gestures might get triggered and result in some wild behaviour!
  • There is a timeout of 2000ms to stop Sphero after each gesture to make sure it doesn't go to crazy
  • Set the variable safeMode = false; if you are trying it out in water, it's much more fun and Sphero is a bit more mellow when in liquid