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X-road mock proxy server
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X-road mock proxy server

This is a mock or proxy or both servers for X-road services.


Usual X-road setup is following. You application communicates directly with X-road security server over http/https or TLS client certificate authentication.

Usual setup

This is all fine until you need to:

  • a) test complex test cases in your system and need to custom responses from X-road (i.e. mock responses)
  • b) use multiple X-road environments without modifying application code

Use case: I would like to use my default X-road server for all request except service X which I want to respond from my mock

Mocking Xroad services

Use case: I would like to use my Test X-road server for all request except service X,Y and Z which I want to respond from my DEV X-road server.

Routing request to different X-road instances



This repo compiles into single application that has 2 different parts.

  • proxy - acts as a router. Accepts requests from APP and routes request based on configured rules to different servers. Contains REST API for to see proxied requests/responses and add/modify/remove proxying rules.
  • mock - responds configured SOAP messages to requests. Contains REST API to dynamically add/modify/remove rules/tempalates for responses.

Features (goals)

The application should support/have:

  • X-road security server with ClientCert authentication as a proxy target
  • for serving proxy on HTTP or HTTPS or ClientCert authentication (as recommended for X-road)
  • deciding server where to route request base on:
    • requester IP
    • request content (regex match)
    • request X-road service name
  • modifying proxied request body based on rules
  • modifying proxied request response body based on rules
  • REST API to add/modify/remove proxy rules
  • REST API to add/modify/remove mock rules
  • basic frontend for proxy:
    • list of last N proxied requests/responses
    • list of proxy rules
    • add/modify/remove proxy rules
  • basic frontend for mock:
    • list of mock rules
    • add/modify/remove mock rules


  • nice fancy frontend


See example .xroad-mock-proxy-example.yaml

Application is configured from configuration file (yaml) or env variables. By default configuration is read from .xroad-mock-proxy.yaml from current directory or read from file given with command line arg --config=. For example: ./xroad-mock-proxy --config=/opt/app/myconf.yaml Environment variables can be used to override yaml values during application startup. All ENV variables need to have XMP_ prefix to work. For example mock address in yaml is configured as

  address: localhost:8082

to override it with ENV variable do

export XMP_MOCK_ADDRESS=localhost:6000


  1. Systemd service setup
  2. Handling certificates



  1. Go 1.12 - programming language
  2. make or Docker - to build binaries

Build binary

Assuming you have go and make installed.

Check/lint/test and build binary

make check

Run binary

cp .xroad-mock-proxy-example.yaml .xroad-mock-proxy.yaml
# edit `.xroad-mock-proxy.yaml`

# start server

Build docker image

make docker

Run in Docker

make docker run-docker
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