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Note: database fully reset, 7 june 2023; expect occasional outages and tweaks as it is brought up to date.

This is a list of substantial, commercial-or-social-good mainstream websites which provide onion services.

  • no sites with an "onion-only" presence
  • no sites for products/technology with less than (arbitrary) 10,000 users
  • no nudity, exploitation, drugs, copyright infringement or sketchy-content sites
  • the editor reserves all rights to annotate or drop any or all entries as deemed fit
  • licensed: cc-by-sa
  • author/editor: alec muffett

Legend/Key for Symbols

You can find techical details and the legend/key for symbols in the footnotes section, below.

Regarding Updates and Suggestions

  • This file ( is auto-generated from a spreadsheet
  • Please submit an Issue for consideration / desired change requests
  • Do NOT submit changes NOR pull-requests for it
  • Re: SecureDrop - all SecureDrop entries are taken automatically from and must be amended on that site, not this one.



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Civil Society and Community

provides shared notepad, file sharing, code hosting, and other services

provides shared notepad, spreadsheet, pastebin, and other services

*english law firm; see also *

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includes resources for many languages

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see language index in titlebar

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