A Craft plugin which will allow you to upload images to an asset folder using Dropzone.js.
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Dropzone.js craft plugin

This is a plugin which will allow you to upload images to an asset folder using Dropzone.js. I have a need for this functionality across projects on a frequent basis, so figured I would create this plugin to make the process a little easier, so its been made to work out the box.

This plugin is very much considered in beta - Use at your own risk but having said that its pretty simple at the minute so you shouldn't have any problems.


Copy the dropzone folder to craft/plugins and install in the admin area. To update, just replace the dropzone folder and refresh the admin area in Craft.

Plugin settings

There are a couple of plugin settings, to do with adding a theme for dropzone or not. Should be handy in the future...


Alrighty, so here is how you get this to work, just put this in your template (no need to nest in a form or worry about action URLs, it's all taken care of)

{{ craft.dropzone.form({
    sourceId : 2
})|raw }}

Notice the |raw filter, this is required otherwise twig will escape the HTML for the form, will work on that...


  • sourceId - this is the id of the asset source you want to upload to

You must be logged in for this to work


  • - Allow option for anonymous uploads
  • - Allow uploads to an entries asset field using an entry form
  • - Allow dropzone to be entirely configurable
  • - Add some kickass themes

Issues, Feature requests, Feedback

Just create an issue on this repo and I will take a look at it :)