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not working on OSX via Package control installation #1

francoiskha opened this Issue · 11 comments

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François Kha Alexey Nesterov Jeffrey Sadeli shashh666
François Kha

I could not make it work on OSX. I installed indent XML via Package control but there is no command available.

Alexey Nesterov alek-sys was assigned
Alexey Nesterov

thanks for your comment.
In package folder there is file Default (Windows).sublime-keymap - with keymaps for Windows.
Because I have no Mac I'm not sure I can create correct shortcut for it (I'm not even sure that it has Ctrl key :) ).
So if you are able to create appropriate keymap file for OSX and commit it to github - it would be great. Anyway I'll try to find Mac and add keymap by myself, but it can take a time.

Regards, Alexey.

François Kha

Hi and thanks for answering so fast

I am not very familiar with Sublime Text 2 (just discovered it). But I will contribute a .sublime-keymap file for OSX. Macs does have a ctrl key though and creating a .sublime-keymap with

{ "keys": ["super+k", "super+f"], "command": "indentxml" }

doesn't work either.
There is probably another problem, I can't run the command "indent xml" or "indentxml". Do you have a way to read logs ? the sublime text console just does not record anything from package installation. As I said I installed from Package Control but moving the files to Packages/User doesn't make it work either.

Alexey Nesterov

Ok, here are couple ideas you could check:
1) Launch SublimeText and check console (Ctrl+~) in Windows - is there a line like "Reloading plugin \Packages\Indent XML\"
2) Try to select XML, open console and type view.run_command('indentxml') - this should run command without any hotkeys
3) Try to add keyboard shortcut to User keybindings - open Preferences - "Key bindings - User" and add you hotkey there.

Have you tried to use any other key combination? Like "super+m" - just for test?

P.S. Just checked defaul bindings for OSX and "show console" marked there as "ctrl+backquote". Not sure how it's possible not having control :)

Alexey Nesterov

Ok, just checked this on Mac. Installed Sublime Text and Indent XML from "Package control".
They tried super+k, super+f - and it works ok.

Just to clarify, key combination is: press super, press k (do not release super!) and press f then.
May be it looks weird but i just used to it in Visual Studio :)

Hope this helps!

François Kha

ok so the problem was basically between the keyboard and the chair. I did not understood i had to select the xml text to indent it. I think it would be cool to indent the whole file if nothing is selected. Anyway, it works, i close the issue. Thanks for investigating.

Alexey Nesterov

In latest version plugin will check if any text selected, if no - all current document fill be formated.

François Kha

I've just tested and it works like a charm. Thank you.

Jeffrey Sadeli

Visual Studio does this behavior using (Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D) while keeping the (Ctrl+K, Ctrl+F) reserved for current selections only. Should this do the same?

Alexey Nesterov

I'm not quite sure that is good to have two hotkeys for this simple plugin. For me behavior looks clear: when I press ctrl+k, ctrl+f selected text should be formated, if no text selected - all document.

Jeffrey Sadeli

ok, that makes sense.


I'm sorry for reopening a closed case, but is there a way to use this script for indentation, edit and then go back to human unreadable form again? The indent xml works like a charm, I was wondering if there was a way to un-indent as well.

Thanks, again..

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