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A C library for the ColecoVision


PVcollib V1.5.1 (09, 20, 2020)

PVcollib is an open and free library to develop programs for ColecoVision in C language.

It contains sdcc compiler / linker and a library (sources included) which offer facilities to use backgrounds / sprites / pads / music & sound on ColecoVision system.
Sdcc compiler from Philipp Klaus Krause - SDCC Release Manager (
C Library is based on works from Amy Purple (aka newcoleco), a great Colecovision coder and music composer ().
Amy Purple continues to help me to improve the library, thanks to her ! F18A support from matthew180 ( with the help of digress ( on Colecovision.
NMI cautions in ctrcol.s from Tursi (, thanks to him !

It also contains examples to help how to use functions with the library. You can find the Doxygen documentation of the library in the 'docs' directory.

GitHub page:
Wiki page:
Doc page:

You can find tutorials about how install and use PVCollib on this page:

We now have a Discord :D, just join us with this link :

PVcollib and affiliated tools are distributed under the MIT license (see pvcollib_license.txt file)

PVcollib is completly free and you can support it through the Paypal button:

Thanks and happy coding =) !