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A C library for the Nintendo SNES 20th birthday

PVSneslib V2.3.2 (10, February, 2017)

PVSnesLib is an open and free library to develop programs for Nintendo SNES in C language.

It contains snes-sdk compiler / linker and a library (sources included) which offer facilities to use backgrounds / sprites / pads / music & sound on Nintendo SNES system. It also contains examples to help how to use functions with the library.
You can find the library Doxygen documentation in the 'docs' directory

GitHub page: https://github.com/alekmaul/pvsneslib
Wiki page: https://github.com/alekmaul/pvsneslib/wiki

You can find tutorials about how install and use PVSneslib on this page:

PVSneslib and affiliated tools are distributed under the MIT license (see pvsneslib_license.txt file)

If you want to donate to support PVSneslib development:

Thanks =)