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Web Latency and QoE measurement tool
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Web Performance: in terms Web Latency, ATF and Rendering Time

Measures the rendeirng time a website in a browser window.


  • jre 1.8
  • chrome browser and chromedriver (it can work with other browser, with some workaround).
  • ImageMagic
  • FFMpeg

** Install in the docker container using the docker script.

<<<<<<< HEAD


WebLAR src contains java source files for recording screen based on selenium framework.


How to calculate the metrics

  • dom = t.domContentLoadedEventEnd - t.navigationStart;
  • tcpConct = t.connectEnd - t.connectStart;
  • dnsLookup = t.domainLookupEnd - t.domainLookupStart;
  • ttfb = t.responseStart - t.navigationStart;
  • pltStart = t.loadEventStart - t.navigationStart;
  • pltUserTime = t.loadEventEnd - t.navigationStart;
  • requestTime = t.responseEnd - t.requestStart;
  • fetchTime = t.responseEnd -t.fetchStart;
  • serverResponseTime = t.responseStart - t.requestStart;

Source: Akamai web performance blog

Known Issues

The experiment may fails because of 'Time out error that may occur while loading the pages'. The problem looks a bug with chromedriver/selenium, but this doesn't affect the result of the experiment.

The issue has been reported by other users as well in stackoverfllow

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